ILAS project worth 1.97 million euro completed30.09.2015.

Closing ceremony of IPA project "Integrated Land Administration System" has been held today at Antunović hotel. The user of IPA 2010 pre-accession funds is State Geodetic Administration (SGA), and this two-year project worth 1.97 million euros was conducted by companies IGEA, IN2, Institute for Photogrammetry and Kadaster International from Netherlands in cooperation with the SGA.

Accomplished results were presented on the ceremony. The project included four key components: homogenization of cadastral plans, upgrade of the SGA Geoportal, development of the National Spatial Data Infrastructure (NSDI) Geoportal, development of the GIS-supported Address Register and the implementation of the system for electronic document management in the processing of second-instance cases (E-case).

Cadastral plan for the area of whole Republic of Croatia is maintained in cadastral offices in digital form. Pursuant to historical heritage maintenance of cadastral plans through modern way of data collecting has difficulties. As a part of homogenization of cadastral plans component, the homogenization process has been defined, with the aim to raise the quality of the cadastral plans of the Republic of Croatia, that is, to show real situation on the field. As a part of this component, homogenization has been conducted on 106 cadastral municipalities, and all preconditions for further homogenization have been prepared.

So far SGA geoportal published cadastral plans, aerial imagery and topographic maps. After the ILAS project upgrade, it also offers access to new imagery and maps, data from the GIS-supported Address Register and spatial data of Croatia in 3D. The address search system is not limited to street and house/building numbers data, but allows searching based on multiple criteria as well.

Access to most up-to-date address data through the SGA Geoportal is made possible due to the upgraded GIS-supported Address Register which is used to manage various address data like house/building numbers, buildings and spatial units, often used in everyday life. The ability to interconnect with other systems ensures quality and accurate data is available for other government services as well.

National Spatial Data Infrastructure (NSDI) Geoportal is the central point for the discovery of spatial data maintained by various institutions and organizations. Citizens, companies and other government institutions now have access to information on all spatial data on a national level. It is important to emphasise that the NSDI Geoportal is one of the corner stones of the national spatial data infrastructure and one of the fundamental steps in fulfilling the obligations of the Republic of Croatia under the INSPIRE Directive.

The final ILAS component E-case, the system for electronical cases management of second-instance cases provides an efficient and reliable way to ensure the rights of parties appealing against the first instance verdicts. System features include: OCR technology for automatic conversion of scanned documents into digital entries, extensive search capabilities for SGA employees, faster appellate case management and publishing of cases statuses on a public Web portal.

"With given results, SGA, as the main institution for creating, maintaining, and distribution of spatial data, will insure faster overview and publishing of data. This is big support to the economy of the Republic of Croatia." – said the headmaster of SGA, Danko Markovinović, PhD.

"All the companies from consortium have been SGA partners over many years, and once again have proved they can lead projects on time and in a quality way. This is not always easy, since it is necessary to unite technological and business knowledge, knowledge of leading complex projects and good cooperation with the user. We can all be proud for the results of the project which brought informatization of the process and ease the work for SGA employees, but also improve the work of other institutions. This project offers them technical bases for more modern and more efficient data exchange." – said IN2 board member and Igea manager Tanja Pušelj Ostroški.