IGEA: flood risk management platform completed 24.04.2019.

Web GIS browser, software solution based on IGEO Platform, is completed and delivered to Croatian Meteorological and Hydrological Service. It will be used to manage data aimed at flood risk decrease.

This project founded the operating GIS platform for data collected in FRISCO 1 project aimed at flood prevention measures and set the basis for further upgrade and more efficient management of spatial data for entire Croatia.
IGEA successfully implemented own program solution IGEO, contributing to the main objectives of this Croatian-Slovenian Interreg project. They pertain to a series of joint models, maps and tools for each of the six cross-border river basins (Kupa, Sutla, Drava, Mura, Dragonja and Bregana). The platform gathers data for flood risk management, historical time series as well as hydrological and meteorological real time data.

Successful cooperation between project teams thus contributed to the project which will cover needs of wide array of groups, mainly inhabitants of cross-border river basin areas.