IGEA awarded special charter for project management10.10.2019.

Election committee of the project management association PMI Croatia brought the decision on awarding project of the year for 2018, as well as present special charters for excellence in project management in different categories.

Special charter for significant contribution to the digitalization of operations in state and local administration was awarded to the project “System of Digital Geodetic Elaborates (SDGE)” of the State Geodetic Administration as the customer and IGEA as contractor. 

Project leaders, Irena Benasić and Stjepan Grđan, were awarded with special charter for significant contribution to the digitalization and transparency of operations of the State Geodetic Administration and geodetic companies, as well as for increasing efficiency of cadastral offices in the process of overviews, approvals and implementations of geodetic elaborates.

„I am very proud and happy to receive this charter, because it is another confirmation of our work and efforts, now recognized by the PMI election committee. We have worked intensively on SDGE for two years and the realization of such system is the merit of the best project team I would now like to thank. We have modernized and accelerated development of geodetic elaborates with SDGE and made, I dare to say, a true little revolution. In a year of its use, SDGE became the basic tool of the entire geodetic community in Croatia."                            Stjepan Grđan

Winners will be publicly announced and awarded at annual conference PMI Forum 2019, which will be held on November 12, 2019.

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